Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Boy it feels like fall outside today - great weather if you're a Sheltie! I have so much more energy now. Mom is a little sad because she's not ready for summer to be over, but me, I can't wait for snow!

A couple days ago mom took me to the park that has the walking path around the big lake. I like going there because mom let's me drag the long line when we are on the far side of the lake. Then I get to run ahead of mom and sniff, etc. It's really fun. We were having a great time until we were close to the end of the loop - mom was holding my leash and making me walk next to her - and we saw up ahead a medium-sized black dog (possibly a portuguese water dog or a labradoodle or something) off-leash but close to his owner. Mom was thinking that since the dog was off-leash, the owner probably had some control over him and that he was probably a friendly dog. Well, as we got closer, the dog was not listening to the owner (when mom heard the lady repeat her commands to her dog she should've known that the dog was not under control). Any way, that dog came over and growled and tried to jump on top of me. Mom moved me away and the owner made a feeble attempt to get her dog under control and he lunged at me again! Mom swooped me up into her arms and the lady was like "sorry". Mom was really mad but she only said, "You mean you have your dog off-leash when he's that aggressive?" The owner said, "he usually isn't." Right, like little old me made him want to kill some body. Well I wasn't hurt and hopefully won't hold a grudge against black dogs! Plus mom won't be so trusting next time (although she still doesn't want to overreact every time a dog is nearby - that isn't good either).

Later that same day, one of dad's student's moms brought over the latest edition to their family - an adorable 14-week-old Australian Shepherd puppy. Mom thought he was so cute! I thought he was a big stupid puppy and why was he in my yard? Fortunately he was kept on a leash for most of the time so that he couldn't trample me out of enthusiasm. I actually had to growl at him and show my teeth to let him know who was the boss. I had never done that before (but I was still a little shaken up by my dog encounter at the lake.)

Today we went to open agility practice at the club where we are members but where we are not currently taking classes. My trainer Deb paved the way for us to get to go - and it was so much fun! The other people training there on Wednesday mornings are really nice (Deb is there too - you know how much I love her!). We each get five minutes to practice on the course by ourselves - we can practice anything we want. Then after everybody goes, you get another turn. Five minutes doesn't sound like a lot of time but it is plenty. Mom was huffing and puffing after running around for that short a time! We worked on aframe (I was flying over it - compared to what I have been doing in class lately). And the tunnel was under the aframe, so we got to work on a little discrimination. I also tried the teeter there - man, it makes the loudest bang I've ever heard when it goes down. I didn't like that but I think I can get used to it. My weaves were slow today but my jumps were good. I did some lead-outs and Deb says I "come to the hand" really well! All I know is I had FUN doing agility today! We are going to try to go every Wednesday morning now.

Dad had his camera out again and took some photos of me playing with my big red ball this afternoon. So we thought we'd share them with you! I'm practicing my "ugly face" in the first photo! I push that ball all over the backyard!

Gotta zoom!


Dawn said...

I heard a similar story Tuesday night from our obedience instructor. She was walking a client's dog out of a training ring, past a Portuguese
Water Dog and it lunged and bit her chocolate lab in the face. At a dog obedience show! She said she had her eyes off her dog for just a second. Just goes to show you can't trust other people's dogs, even when they are supposedly trained.

I'm really glad you are OK! Don't be afraid of all big black dogs. Some are really friendly. Just let your mom make sure first! You are such a good boy, I'm sure you'd never do anything to start a dog fight! :)

Loved your big red ball pictures!

Diana said...

I dont trust peoples dogs off leash either. They probably think Im crazy, but I will usually step infront of my dogs and tell the other dog "no, go home". People letting there dogs off leash when there are other dogs around drives me crazy. Go to a dog park if you want to let your dog run free. Im glad you were ok. Diana

Johann The Dog said...

We run into dogs off leash all the time, and then the peeps get all mad at Mum because she says something to them. Good thing I'm small and she can pick me up, like your Mom did! Sheesh, people! Glad you are OK!

BTW, I don't like Porties very much, never have. Don't know why.

So glad you are going to the practice place again! You'll be kicking butt on the course before you know it.

Sara said...

Ricky, maybe your mom should carry some pepper spray, just in case.

I've had two shelties get bit by other dogs who were off a leash - one was a german shepherd, the other a St. Bernard. Apparently, some big dogs think shelties are chew toys.

It was very scary. Luckily, both dogs were able to recover from their wounds, but now we always carry pepper spray just in case.

Josh and Jess said...

How scary!!!! Glad you didn't get hurt little mate. Your Mom is a very brave woman :)
We haven't come across any hostile dogs yet but our Ma is always very suspicious of other dogs, especially when they are off leash.

Bree/Reilly said...

that is one big ball for one little dog....I bet you were imagining that was that big dog and you were giving him a good nip on the butt for being so rude!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i hope the black dog don't gives u any bad impression... although honestly, i'm not a friendly dog either.. :P

wat great fun u had with that big red pink ball.. boink boink!