Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall is here

Fall is here! We had our first major freeze last night and the leaves are really starting to come down now. Some of mom's flowers survived since they are close to the house. But the cana lillies froze, so mom dug them out today to save them for next year.
Yesterday we went to agility practice at the club. We set up a pretty fun course that was really 3 sequences - some of the people there are in a distance class, so they wanted to work on stuff from their last class. We set up three jumps and then a tunnel and then three jumps coming out of the tunnel. The idea was to be on the outside of a row of jumps and send your dog into the tunnel and then over the other row of jumps. Lots of dogs had trouble - they would come out of the tunnel and then cut back to their mom or dad instead of staying away and doing the jumps in front of them. We didn't really try the distance part. But I did the row of jumps and then the tunnel and then mom was in the middle of the rows of jumps but kind of as far away as she could be and I did the other row. We also practiced jump to weaves and then jump and back into weaves. My weaves were slow but I was consistent with entries. The third little sequence was tire, teeter, table and aframe. For distance, you send the dog to the table. Mom and I actually worked on that in our backyard today. I am a little reluctant to go on to the table when mom is behind me. When she stops her forward motion, I do too.
Tonight is our first class of the new session of beginning intermediate agility. Boy, I wish this class had a shorter name because I get tired typing it in every time!! Maybe I should just start calling it agility class! Any way we are excited to try again and see if we have made any progress. We'll let you know how it goes!
Gotta zoom!


Dawn said...

Ricky, how are you doing with that tunnel thing that closes on one end? Is it still scary?

Sara said...

Ricky you look so handsome in that photo. You look like a king!

Johann The Dog said...

Go Ricky!!!! Hope you had a great halloween and a great Friday practice!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hi Dawn - yes, the chute is still scary to me. Mom and I have been trying and I will go running right into the barrel, but I still won't just go through the material. Hopefully one day!

Bree/Reilly said...

that is a great photo of you in the leaves....hope your mom prints that out and puts it in a frame. keep up the great work in your classes

Latte said...

Such a lovely picture. You can be a dog model :)