Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yes we are still taking classes!

We are still taking class every Tuesday morning. I have a really good time - I LOVE dogwalks the most - sometimes I am sort of fast on jumps and tunnels and sometimes pokey.

At home though, I am FAST.

We sort of gave up on the multiple target idea but use them at the end of sequences - usually a thrown piece of chicken.

Mom is supposed to come up with a word or action that will get me jazzed up at the startline. Ideas?

Here is an interesting tidbit - when we first started learning agility and mom had no idea how to move for a front cross or a rear cross, she did a bunch of blind crosses (not knowing what they were). The instructors were all - NOOO - no blinds - keep your eyes on your dog. And nowadays what is all the rage?  - the blind cross! LOL!

Mom says she will help me to write a proper post again one day with video and everything, but I am telling you not to hold your breath!

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

I've always used blind crosses. I have heard people say you should never take your eye off your dog, but my instructor always said, "Nice blind cross" whenever anyone did one. I guess like educational theories, popular teaching trends cycle, and blind crosses will be out again someday.

Glad you're having fun Ricky. That's all that matters.

My two always get reved up when I say, "On your marrrrrrrrk....get seeeeeeeeet....." But I think any word works, its more about the tone. I know someone who says "where's the bug?" That cracks me up every time.


Sure sounds like you are having fun.

corbinwooten said...

Glad you're still having fun!

I use "reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaddddddddddy...reeeeeeeaddddy!" to get my pups jazzed up :)

Kathy said...

So glad you are still having fun, I've been thinking about you two! I use REAAAAADY and I use it when we are playing wild games, it's always followed by some holding back and fun times. I also have a speak and Lizzie who is stressy.... I give her a speak before we do anything because it revs her up, if I can't get a speak then I know we need some more fun before I try much of anything. So glad the classes sound awesome and fun still

Diana said...

I would use a word that mean excitment to your dog in other places. Like if I say to miley, "Im gona get you", she gets very excited. We play a game with those words, she likes it an its exciting. SO if you have something that makes him excited already, like, "lets get some cookies", "Ready for a walk", "where is your ball","time to eat" you get the idea.

Priscilla Phang said...

I think having fun in the class is more important and I'm glad you enjoy it.

Dawn said...

We use 'ready to WORK!!!?" and Katie knows we're ON and she's more intense.

Glad you're having fun Ricky!!

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Having fun is the best part for both you and your Mom

Natasha said...

Susan Garrett had a great series of articles in Clean Run a while back about how to individualize your startline routine to individual dogs. Can't remember the issue, maybe someone else knows?

Pippa Sheltie said...

I'm not sure what a cross is, but that's funny!
One sentence I know in English is "where's your ball?" because my humans say it to me all the time when I'm playing and it gets me all excited!
Have a super week!
Pippa :)

Dawn said...

Was thinking about Ricky and 'his' word...while Katie and I were at the park. Yelling SQUIRREL!! might :)

Ludo van Doggy said...

We blind cross. I go faster if I is chasing Mum anyway. BOL!

Lian said...

I am glad you are having fun Ricky. I think the reason why you are fast at home is because that's your comfort zone. Have your mum taken you anywhere else that you feel comfortable and would go fast? Maybe take a couple of jump to some place where you think you will run fast and try that?
I totally agreed with Diana to find the "exciting word" to jazz you up on the startline. Some dogs get excited when they hear "Reeeeeeeady ...", some "where's the squirrel!" ... all sort. Think of what got you most crazy about?
I've been to a few training days and learned the front cross and blind cross. If you think your dog is sensitive when you face him, then use the blind cross, so you don't get the eye contact. I mostly try blind cross on the see-saw with Sizzle, so he will have better see-saw than me doing a front cross.