Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gorgeous Fall Day!

Yes, I am still here! Mom has been too lazy to help me blog and too lazy to take a camera when we go places. We have had some beautiful fall days with blue skies and amazing colors. I got to walk at my favorite park today and I successfully tore mom away from her ipod long enough to help me type and post photos!

Bigify all of them so you can experience them fully! :)

See, pretty tree and sky!

Here I am posing and smiling too. This is a little gazebo in the park.

Another tree!

I am posing and smiling here too! The lighting is a little better in this shot -

But I have a cuter expression in this one!

Not award-winning photos and not award-winning content for this entry, but I hope you all are happy to finally hear from me! :) If I can get my lazy mom away from her ipod again, maybe you'll get to see some of my new tricks! Don't hold your breath though.....

Gotta zoom!



Sophie said...

I think you are just as gorgeous as those trees, Ricky! :)

Sara said...

What a pretty park! This is such a wonderful time of year.

Off to heat up some cider. Seems to be the perfect drink to compliment your photos.

Good to see you Ricky!

Priscilla said...

We have been missing you a lot, Ricky! You look gorgeous as usual and we like your cute expression. You do have some beautiful fall colours and we are so jealous.

Can't wait to see your new tricks!

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

We do miss you little always went on such excellent adventures.....and what about your trickies.....we haven't seen those in a while either


Ricky looks pawsome. Love the pawtographs of the trees.

Dawn said...

You are looking GOOD Ricky! We are glad you've been going on adventures even if your Mom "forgot" the camera! You sure are cute when you grin. HEY! Are you still barking at the lawn mower in the garage? Katie is still barking at passing cars on the road...except when she remembers to look at me instead and get a treat. Which isn't very often.

Johann The Dog said...

What great pics!! You have just as great color as we do! Mum's been raking for days....