Sunday, June 10, 2012


This computer has a very noisy fan that gets louder when it is hot outside. We have replaced it and the new one is loud. This is one of the reasons we don't blog much any more!

About the hole in mom's bed comforter - I won't lie and say that monsters were responsible - I did it and I would do it again! It is one of my few vices. Every dog has to have some vices! :)

Mom is lazy and doesn't get out my agility stuff much any more. No dogwalk at all yet this year! Sometimes she doesn't even train tricks with me. But we do go on good walks and hikes whenever we can.

Here is a photo of the rose garden where my photo was taken with those pretty pink roses. We go to this park all the time but right now is when it is most beautiful!

There are more photos to share from my trip to the nearby lake a couple weeks ago. I can totally relate to Denny's dainty paw - see mine?

This is a good one - my reflection in the water is cool!

I have this philosophy that if I drink all of the lake water, then I won't have to swim out to see dad!
I am also showing off my dainty paw again. I have no shame.

Now in this one - I am running on the beach. I have seen lots of photos of my friend Miley running on the beach. Hers are much better than mine. Could it be the camera, the photographer, my black fur, the ugly sand and beach - I think all of the above!

Finally, what random post would be complete without a flower - this is a calla lily bloom. Part of the leaf somehow got caught in with the bloom and it is yellow instead of green. These lilies are beautiful - but the pond filter cord in the background is not.

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday! It is very warm here but not humid. I am spending the day following mom around the house and yard hoping that we can do something, anything! :)

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

LOL. Your mom seems to be in the same kind of mood as me! Too lazy to do any training, but perfectly content to putz around outside. I don't think the dogs mind all that much.

What a pretty garden!

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

It must be spring fever that the Mom's have - they just seem to want sit around listening to birds and looking at the flowers....what gives with that????

That was a very good dainty paw action - and underwater dainty paw - that is super cool!

Dawn said...

Katie is following me around today too. Her first day home and she's not letting me out of her sight! You look like you had a great time at that lake Ricky! Now stop chewing on Mom's stuff and enjoy the flowers instead!

Faith Shen said...

Ricky, you look great on your shots, I'm happy for you because you have a great adventure today :D

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corbinwooten said...

Ricky--you tell your mom to get that dogwalk out before it gets too hot!

(That was our rationale, anyways)

I like your beach running picture--you look VERY happy!

Diana said...

Love the running on the beach photo. I think it turned out great!!! Love going for walks with my dogs (more than agility, Shhhh dont tell anyone).
That parked looked beautiful!!!

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Love the picture of you in the water! Great reflection! Oh and...How could you admit to eating a hole in the blanket -- we blame aliens all the time -- and Mommy believes us!!!

Anonymous said...

Your not the only one that hasn't done agility this year. I think it's weird sometimes how I feel bad about it, cause I really don't think the dogs are upset. I mean they love doing agility, but they are happy with doing other things too.

Loved the pictures of you in the water.

Kathy said...

Ya know as far as that hole, my dogs say things happen! Hey you were probably just trying to tell your mom a little redecorating and freshening would be fun- you are such a consciencous helper! You should start a support group with my dogs, they are on a doggie break which means they are just being given time to just be doggies with no responsibilities ....or you could say I'm lazy right now :-).