Sunday, December 11, 2011

Around Here

Boy, not much has been happening around here. The weather got cold this week after we had even more rain. Since Friday is has been sunny but cold. Mom and I went to the park yesterday and tried to stay out of the mud and still have fun.

I get to work on my tricks at least once a day. I am doing much better with "scoot" and "froggy" but the verdict is still out on whether or not I know how to put one bowl into the other bowl. I am also working on lifting two side legs up at once. I must be very cute trying it because mom is always laughing.

This week we had several strangers here at our house. Two men came and made lots and lots of noise and fixed some plumbing problems. Then some man came on Friday and put an electrical outlet next to the fish pond so we can keep the filter going all winter so the fish don't freeze solid. I was very busy barking all about it.

In a couple days mom's best friend from college and her daughter are coming here for a visit. Mom hasn't seen her friend in 10 years. She is pretty excited about it and is cleaning the house and doing laundry, etc. I just hope having company doesn't interfere with the important things in life - my dinner, my walks, my training sessions, and my treats!

Hope to have some pictures or video to go with my next post. I could barely get my lazy mom to help me write this little message. Hope you all had a nice weekend and have more Christmas shopping done than we do!

Gotta zoom!



corbinwooten said...

Ricky, sounds like you have been busy! In my opinion, nothing should get in the way of treats! :)

Enjoy your friend--how fun!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Aww it's so cool that your mom will get to see her friend and her daughter! I'm sure it won't interfere with your important schedule - in fact, I bet they'll be just as happy to see you as they will be to see your mom!

I haven't gotten one single Christmas gift yet. I haven't had time! I'm glad Pat and I were able to get a tree today. I was worried we wouldn't be able to coordinate our schedules and would end up getting a tree from a lot (we've gone to one of the places where you cut your own trees for the past several years), but we were able to go today. Layla's a little put out that we didn't bring her with us. The past few years she's come, but this was a new place and I didn't know if they'd allow it. Oh well!

Good luck getting Christmas stuff done - I'm soooo behind! I haven't even gotten the dogs anything and they're easiest to buy for lol

Diana said...

Thats so exciting about your college rooommate!!! I hope you guys have a great time.

I hate winter. Its hard to get anything done or stay motivated.

Sara said...

OH, how exciting to have your friend visit!

I"ve been pretty lazy about things too. I haven't taken any photos (except with my cell phone) in weeks. Poor Chewy, someday he's going to say, "Why are there sooooo many photos of Oreo, and none of me!" Younger sibs, always get the shaft.

Dawn said...

Hey Ricky, I bet if this is your Mom's best friend you're going to like her too! How exciting to have company, you can show them all your tricks and I bet you get EXTRA treats!

Priscilla said...

I'm so glad that your mom is going to have her college friend and her daughter with her soon. She might be very excited about their coming but I'm sure she won't forget about your dinner, your walks, your training sessions (she might skip it if she has no other better choices) and your treats.

Her friends might become your BFF before you know it!

Hope you all have a great time.

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Ah RIcky - I am so glad glad you have those priorities set straight - we ARE after all the most important things in our parents life and everything should be secondary. I am glad you kept them workmen on their toes....sometimes they need a good barking off to tell them to get on with their work.

Psss Mom asks if you can send us your addy as we want to send a Christmas card to out favorite little sheltie dude.

Kathy said...

wow, tis the season for lots of people to go in and out of the houses, we had the bug man, the cable man, a bunch of neighbors, it is a rough season for doggies. I keep getting reminded that PERHAPS some desensitization or training might be in order, it is rough with FIVE dogs doing their best to voice their opinions about trespassers ;-), I am looking more and more likethe crazy dog lady here!

Sagira said...

I hope your mom has a great visit with her friend. That is so exciting. :)

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Wow, sounds exicting to have Mom's friend come visit. I bet you will get lots of extra attention and cuddles from the guests!

Sophie said...

Not much is happening over here either, Ricky! It sounds like you're keeping up with your adorable tricks though :)

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

I'm sure you have read our blog post by now, Mommy is just getting a chance to write this comment on our slower than slow computer. Just wanted to let you know that we have passed on the Liebster Blog Award...check out our blog to read more!