Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weave Challenge Position 7 and the Park

Hey, we finally did our position 7 for the weave challenge (remember the weave challenge Kathy posted many many months ago)? We set up the weaves and dusted off the Flip camera. For the first time ever in my life, mom got out some canned food as my reward - it smelled so very exciting! You should've seen my warm-up heeling and attention. Well, I was AMAZING at the weaving. I couldn't get to that target plate any faster and didn't miss a single entry. You should've seen that too, but the darn Flip camera turned itself off after one second and we did not get any video at all. :(

Today we also went to the park. I just love it there and could go every day if mom would take me. The leaves are just starting to change here. It was a beautiful day and lots of people and dogs were out enjoying it.

In solidarity with some of my Sheltie friends (you know who you are), I was NOT going to look at my mom.

I'm not looking at her -
I will not look at her -

Still not looking -

Oops, caught me looking! How did that happen?

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

Ricky, you are so cute! Glad you had a nice day at the park. The weather this weekend has been fantastic.

How cool that the canned food made you all excited. My dogs get super excited over kibble, maybe I should try the canned food sometime too.

Diana said...

Lol, very funny. Miley loves canned dog food too!

corbinwooten said...

Oh darn--I was excited about watching your awesome weaves on video!

Just out of curiosity, what park did you go to? We've been going to Highbanks since Lexi likes the river, but are always looking for good places to go (especially ones where dogs can be!)

And Bentley would totally agree with you about looking at you for a picture--he's against it!

Kathy said...

How cool, the weaves sound AWESOME!!!! Durn the flip camera. Sounds like you found a fantastic treat, I might have to try it, thanks for the idea!!!! Tell Ricky we are sooo proud so him, we need to dust off our weaves, we tried them in a fun match and kept popping out, well, Cricket did, they did not let me actually weave myself,LOL, well, guess to be honest I could have, but I did not, and really Cricket did not weave the full length of the weaves ;-(, not a good weaving day so we are even more impressed with Ricky. OK sorry for rambling......

Dawn said...

Would have loved to see the weaving, but we know you did really well! Katie says "Good job with the not looking!"

Priscilla said...

Canned food sounds so interesting and yummy, I'll consider to put some cans into my shopping basket next time.

So glad that you had a fantastic weaving time, I'm sure your mom is really proud of you.

Those pictures are so beautiful, Ricky.

Lian said...

Clever Ricky! Maybe you should tell mom that she should reward with more canned food!

Your are so handsome in those pictures!

Lassiter Chase and T said...

Great pictures! Even the ones with you not looking are great!

Sagira said...

What park is that? Glad that she caught you looking. :)