Thursday, September 22, 2011

I rescued my blog!

Finally I have my blog back! We have gotten into a routine lately of doing some fun agility after dinner. I really look forward to it and bug mom until she gets out there! We know that we should be finishing our weave challenge - we still have 3 positions to go - but we're just having too much fun fooling around!

I learned this game on the first try - fly down to the target and then fly back to mom! It's fly-food!!!

Gotta zoom!



Rocket Roxie said...

Great Job GOOD BOY Ricky!!! :)

Sara said...

What a fun game Ricky! You are look so happy and fast.

I really should get motivated to set equipment up on a daily basis.

Kathy said...

I know my shelties would LOVe fly food, much better I would bet then they would like flyball. We will have to try it. Ricky you and your mom are so clever always coming up with so many unique tricks and fun games!!!

Sophie said...

Ricky, you look so happy! :) Are you training to do gambles in agility?

Dawn said...

Fly food! What a brilliant idea! You look like you're having fun, but what sheltie wouldn't, running, jumping and TREATS!

Diana said...

Well Done Ricky!! Im not sure if it means anything but going down and back he hugs the right side of the jumps. Most dogs would go down the middle. Interesting.

Sagira said...

Nice job Ricky! Are you going to the CATC trial next week or still taking a break for trials?

Bailey said...

Glad you got your blog back. Looks like you are enjoying yourself. Mom's pictures were cool.