Monday, August 29, 2011

No Real Excuses

More than a week has gone by once again without a post from me and I have no really good excuse! I am also behind in reading blogs. The weather here has been gorgeous for the past week - I feel very guilty saying that when so many were hit with Irene - but it is true. We are outside a lot and playing agility and going for walks. Yesterday we went on an awesome walk but the mosquitoes attacked us with a vengeance and no one wanted to stop long enough for pictures!

Mom is busy with her new job - physical therapy for her wrist! She goes there a couple times a week for torture and also has a long list of exercises to do twice a day at home. She is working hard to be able to play again once the symphony season starts in October. I am supportive and bark to count repetitions for her - :)

I'm not going to promise anything this time but I hope to have a real post for you all soon!

Gotta zoom!



Priscilla said...

Lucky that you weren't in the path of Irene and could have lots of funsies with Mom!!

I hope her wrist gets better soon so she can play in the Symphony!!!!
We're sending lots of healing vibes to her!

Sara said...

Glad you are enjoying the nice weather while you can!

It is really chilly here today and the ground is all squishy squashy, but we are very, very lucky.

I am so sad about all the damage to the covered bridges and other historical buildings in Vermont.

Bailey said...

Take care of Mom. Hope her wrist feels better soon.

-Bailey & Katy

Dawn said...

Good job Ricky! When you're counting you can accidentally on purpose add extra repetitions so she gets better faster! She won't notice!

Johann The Dog said...

We had real nice weather here too. So glad you're Mum is working hard on her therapy to get back in shape; glad you are helping too!

We've been so busy, that we haven't had any time to visit anyone for a long time....I don't like it; but Mum says we gotta make some dough :)

Hugs to both of you my friends!!!

Oh, and love the ambition you're showing! Makes agility a lot of fun, it does :)

Sophie said...

I'd barely be posting if our weather was great! We're having typical British summer/autumn border weather, though.

I bet you're a great help to your mum, Ricky! Better than my silly girls, lol!

And by the way, I tagged you and your mum to do the Seven Posts blog challenge (here -, which should give you something more to post about! :)

Sagira said...

It is good that you are out there enjoying the weather before we all get snowed in. I can't believe summer is almost over already.

Kathy said...

ya know sometimes we gotta have priorities and take care of ourselves and I am glad your mom is taking the time to take care of herself. That physical therapy is HARD, good for your mom, I am keeping my fingers crossed she will be up and running for the symphony season-but I bet your barking counts will really help with that ;- )