Thursday, May 27, 2010

tRicky T-Day!

First of all, thanks to everyone who left advice for us on how to increase my ground speed and motivation. We are working on some of your ideas already - like racing to the target. The first time this week that mom showed me there was food waiting on a target plate she raced me and she beat me! Well she grabbed up the food so quick, I had no chance. So ever since that one time I have beaten mom to the target every single time!!!!

We also started working again on trying to get me to focus on mom and to leave food that is on the ground alone. This is EXTREMELY difficult for me. I make mistakes - ie. go and grab a piece of food that I am supposed to leave alone - and then I get all nervous. Today was our third time trying this (this week) and so we decided it was so hard it should be a tRicky trick!

Do you think there is hope for me? - LOL!

It is super hot here for May and the cottonwood trees are making my backyard a huge snowy mess. Although it was hot, I went to a friend's house for my first-ever agility play date today! I will blog all about it later!

Gotta zoom!



Priscilla said...

Ricky, I think your trick is wonderful! All dogs should learn this trick for 'personal safety'.

Can't wait to hear all about your agility playday!

Sara said...

That was pretty impressive Ricky. I know Misty couldn't do that. Maybe Oreo..

Great job beating your mom to the Target. That is one of our favorite games to play, but we race to the orbee. Oreo always wins.

Diana said...

Ricky definitly got more comfortable as he started to understand what you wanted. Yea Ricky. Which shows you he is a thinker and takes things slow until he is positive he knows what you want. Which could be why he runs slow at a trial. Do you have any show and goes or b-matches near you? That would be away to get ring time and just have fun out there. Dont wait for him when running the course because he maybe reading that as you are unsure of what you want and then he is unsure.

I couldnt tell on the video but I would give the treat as soon as he comes to you and not make him sit for it. Because then the treat is for sitting.
I would also walk and run with him by the treats and as soon as he passes one give him a treat from you.

Great job you two!!! Diana

Sagira said...

Passing up yummy treats is a hard one. Just keep at it Ricky! Hope to meet you in person one of these days. :)

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh, that IS a hard trick, Ricky! I think ignoring food is the hardest trick of all! :-) And I think you did human thinks you were so cute the way you looked around at all the food every time after you heard "Come"...ha!

Honey the Great Dane

Sam said...

That's an impressive trick. Food distraction is one of the hardest things for Marge to deal with.

Very interesting game that your mom detailed at the beginning of this post. I bet that will really help your speed!

Can't wait to hear about your play date! We love when we get to have play dates..

Khyra, Khousin Merdie, And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm not sure I khould evFUR ignore KHARROTS!

Great job!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie
PeeEssWoo: All three of our eyases are MALES!

Dawn said...

Yes RIcky, there IS hope for you little man!! We could see your mind working overtime as you sorted out all that stuff. And you've GOT to keep your eye on those rogue carrots! Never know where you'll find one!

I agree with Diana about the sit thing...and the running with him thing...though I don't quite know how to do that part! :)

Fun matches are great! You can experiment there and not lose a Q! LOL!!

Kathy said...

whoo hooo I can tell he was working hard and really getting it. FANTASTIC TRAINING AND FANTASTIC WORK. That sort of learning is HARD. when we were learning to do this with Chloe, We went to putting the treat bag down by some obstacles Chloe liked and when she did them then I gave her a release and we ran to the bag on the ground and got our treat, then we did two obstacles, and three obstacles, it was fun and Chloe really got into it, I think within a few days we could run with the bait bag on the ground, I think there was a lot of premack principal going on....

Lian said...

Hey Ricky, I think your mum is being cruel to ask you to ignore all those lovely food surrounded you! You did brilliant though! Good Job!