Saturday, November 14, 2009

BCCA Trial

Mom, grandma and I went to a trial today! For the first time, I ran my standard run before my jumpers run. The course was not difficult and I handled it quite well until mom loomed over me and told me to down on the table and I wouldn't do it! We lost a lot of time there so we N.Q.ed! Score: 84, Time: 72.22 SCT: 64 (so I was 8 seconds over and lost 16 points that way - if I had only been 7 seconds over, I would have Q'ed) and YDS: 139. A lot of the run looked pretty good though. Here's the course map:

I waited around two hours for my second run - my first time in Exc. A JWW! Mom was totally stressing out about memorizing the course because it looked confusing to her. But she was able to watch lots of team run it (the trial ran big to little dogs) and then she walked it a few times more than she usually does. I thought it was a fun course - I will admit that I did stop to sniff once but it was far enough away from the jump to not get a refusal - and mom once again abandoned her plan and ran outside jumps and stuff to motivate me. It worked - we Q'ed and got 1st place! Score:100, Time: 46.62, SCT: 46 (good thing mom ran weird to speed me up and too bad I took the time to sniff - we barely made time - guess they round down because we were technically over), YDS: 149. Here is the course map:

And here is the video of both of our runs:

I would write more, but I am so tired! I may be a bit of a wimp, but I'm glad we are not signed up to run tomorrow too!

Gotta zoom,



Sara said...

Tables are stupid.

I thought you and your mom did great! Those standard course times must be tough, because I thought you were moving at a pretty good pace out there.

Congrats on your first Q in Excellent! That's awesome. See, your mom was all stressed for nothing. Your weaves were fantastic.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I think woo have earned a nice nap THEN good night's sleep!


Diana said...

Hey at least you dog gets on the table. Lol! Congrats on you Q! great job. Diana

Marie said...

Congratulations on getting a Q your first time out in Excellent! That's fantastic. I have to say that my favorite part of your standard run was your collapsed tunnel. I was beginning to wonder when you first went in, and then all of a sudden you just burst out of it!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh having trouble downloading the video - will have to come back and watch it later.

But congrats, Ricky, on your 1st trial!

Honey the Great Dane

Kathy said...

Wow, CONGRATS a first AND a Q on your first time in excellent, that is pretty awesome. GREAT JOB~you guys looked terrific out there

Dawn said...

Very nice Ricky! What's with that table thing anyway?! I agree with Marie, I was afraid you weren't going to do the must have been making an executive decision in there for a bit, ey? Then you just RAN out of it so fast! Grandma did a really good job on getting the video too, tell her THANKS! And congratulations on the Q and 1st place! My goodness!

Reilly and Bree said...

Tables are hard after you worked up to running so much and then have to stop. You didn't seem your bubbly self but that is okay, even doggies have days where they would rather be out sniffing in the park then being in a noisy big room

Nicki said...

Congrats! What a great jumpers run in your first time! And yes, they do round down for course time, but round up for MACH points

Lian said...

Congrats on your Q! What a good boy you are Ricky!

Nat said...

I've never liked the table, to me it always seems like it breaks the flow of the course. :) Yay Ricky, congrats, that's so great especially for your first time in EXCELLENT!! What a good doggie!

Johann The Dog said...

Ohhhh...I've seen longer time on the table than that, BOL!! You ran at my absolute favorite place to run EVER!!!!! Love that smelly dirt :) I thought you did great, congrats on the Q, those Exec course can be confusing sometimes.

Woofs, Johann

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

That was good Ricky! Nice weaving. And you mom can remember the course. How to you train her to do that???
your pal, Morgan