Friday, October 23, 2009

My visit with Wilson

I had a good time visiting my cousin Wilson on Wednesday and Thursday of this week! Mom and I left early and drove two hours to Wilson's house. We wanted to get there early to make the most of the day - the weather was beautiful - sunny and 70. After all the cold and rain, we were all really happy to be outside!

First of all aunt Laura took us to a new park with some very good trails that go through the woods and around ponds. Silly mom forgot her camera! After that we went home and had lunch outside on the patio. Here I am pretending to chill on the patio:

Then we headed off to another park. This one I had been to several times but we always have fun there. The only problem is the trail around the lake starts off next to a busy road. Even though I saw that Wilson didn't care about the cars, I still had a hard time not barking at them and lunging at them. Mom doesn't have fun at this park until we get well away from the road.
Here are my aunt and Wilson getting ready to go:

Mom made me and Wilson pose (I think aunt Laura said something to us about treats and Wilson totally fell for it!):

Another forced pose:

Wilson has a big tongue:

The weather was so nice that Wilson got a bath (I would laugh but mom made me get a bath on Tuesday so I really knew how he felt):

My cousin Jeff turns 11 today and we celebrated with him on Wednesday. He had an all Wii birthday!

My cousin Meredith (she's 8) just got her braces off:

Wilson and I like each other but we're guys and don't want to show it:

We went for a walk at the park with the lake on Thursday morning too. Then after lunch mom and I drove back home. I was exhausted. I like to go there to visit but I never really relax when I am around Wilson. Oh, I almost forgot, - Wilson hurt his foot - he ripped his dew claw - and so he and I couldn't play our game of fetch where he runs to get the ball and I run after him and bark like a maniac. That's our favorite thing to do together. Maybe next time.

Thanks aunt Laura and Wilson for such a good visit!

Gotta zoom,



Sara said...

Looks like a great time Ricky! I love the posed photo of you on the bench next to Wilson. Too cute.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo guys are soooo silly about showing how woo liked each other!

I'm glad woo had a nice visit with all your furamily!

I bet Wilson khan't wait until woo khan khome bakhk!


Josh and Jess said...

Nice family photos :) Looks like you've totally enjoyed your time with cousin Wilson.

Reilly said...

that was an pawsome couple of days you had and what double fun, not only visiting but going to parks as well

Dawn said...

Wow, cool parks Ricky! And Wilson is very handsome (but not as handsome as you of course!). I remember you playing ball in the yard with Wilson, did you do any of that this trip?

Johann The Dog said...

Always good to see old friends :) Glad you had a pawsome time!!!