Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday's handling class

Our handling class on Tuesday was lots of fun! We got to run a course! First we practiced it in sections and talked about handling options - and we thought about what would work best for each dog. Every time we run, mom tries to think of ways to get in movement to speed me up but she still ends up standing around a lot instead of moving faster. You can see it in the video. Then when it was time to run the entire course we started out jump, chute. I balked at the chute of course and mom told me to get in there and go through. I did and then we were fairly fast to the table. I had to do a down on the table and I SLOWLY did it (we practice downs on the table at home and I am good at them there). As I got released from the table, I smelled something really, really good! I think a treat had been dropped on the ground. Apparently time outs are not legal in agility and mom came over and redirected me and then I remembered why I was out there! I took off! Mom was running faster than ever (I know it looks slow in the video but believe me, I could barely keep up with her)! It was a great feeling to run so fast on a course - mom collapsed on to the ground when it was over - she really is a wimp when it comes to running! Now if we can have the confidence to run like that in a trial!

In other news, today is Thursday, our tRicky T-Day and yesterday we did try some free timing. As predicted, it did not go very well. So we are sticking with agility as our trick today and we'll try some free timing again for next week. Or if that doesn't work out, we will post a regular trick video. Sorry Ludo but hopefully you'll enjoy my agility tricks in the videos from class! (I think the best part is me hopping nose-first off the table and ignoring mom so that I can find that tasty treat - BOL!)

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

Great job Ricky! You two were really moving when you did the whole course! Plus you did the chute with no problem, and your dogwalk looking really fast too!

Super job! I'd say that qualifies as a trick!

Nat said...

WOW Ricky!! You were faaast! You have awesome weaves -- great entries and great staying in the poles while your mom moves away! Your AF is better than Mika's too! :)

About what you said in your comment on my blog about being too slow on the dog walk -- Mika used to trot across the dog walk too, for the first year and a half of her agility career. Then we just ran lots and lots of low dog walks. Every time we went to the agility field we ran a dog walk on its own. Even if she missed a contact, I reward her because I was rewarding for speed. Mika's speed began to increase and she started galloping over the entire dog walk. (Mind you, she now usually misses the contact if I don't point at it and help her out, but I think that the little bit of extra speed is worth me having to babysit her! :)


Diana said...

You guys look really good. The only thing I might have done was when he didnt go in the chute the first time but then did go in it the second. I would have had a party after the chute. Really made it a big deal.

Ricky was very fast over the a-frame and he did great staying in the weaves while you moved away. Thats fantastic.

We had table problems last night too. Except Miley wouldnt get on the table, just kept running around it. LoL There is always something that needs to be fix. Diana

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm sure woo will do furry well!


Dawn said...

It's such fun to watch you run Ricky! You were REALLY FAST over that A-frame! Hey! Does your chute sort of stay open some on its own? It sort of looks puffed up. Or was the wind blowing into it?

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Dawn- yes, the wind was blowing the chute open and that helped me out a lot! Too bad I have never done any outdoor trials!

Johann The Dog said...

Dude - your aframe is pawsome!!!! You're Mum better be ready for that :)

And your weave entrance, wow! Nice one.

Pretty soon you're gonna need a cape dude!

Woofs, Johann