Friday, December 19, 2008

Beginning Intermediate class 7

We went to our last class of beginning intermediate agility last night. Next month we will be moving on to the advanced intermediate class. We sure did learn a lot in the two sessions of beg.inter. that we went to. Last night was divided into three sections - weaves, contacts and teeter. We started off in weaves - I did some pretty fast weaving for me on those silly weaves with the bars in between the poles. Too bad we can't use stick in the ground poles in the class! Then in contacts, I slowed down. I took the aframe when mom was really showing me and telling me to take the tunnel - so I didn't run hard enough to get the momentum I needed to get up the aframe. That made me have to scrabble and claw my way up there - and then after that I didn't want to do it any more. Mom never really knows what to do with me when I sort of shut down. I'm not sure what to tell her either. We also had the chute in this section and I just didn't feel like going through it, unless the instructor held it open for me. So she worked with us on this and after quite a few repetitions, I did do it. She told mom to change the chute we have at home to darker and heavier material and practice with that. Then we went on to the teeter. We practiced getting more speed - mom tried to get me to run to the pivot point and she gave me a treat there and then I got another at the end. Cool - two treats! It did motivate me to get the teeter to tip.

During the next couple weeks mom has some ideas of what she wants to practice with me - as much as the weather will allow - she wants to figure out a way to get me to run with her to the first obstacle in a sequence. I am mostly very slow to get started (more so in class than at home). She wants to keep working on the chute - she already tried a new one with me this morning using a dark green flannel sheet (I went through before she was ready for me and got all tangled up and had to be rescued but it didn't phase me and then I did it a whole bunch of times after that - go figure - don't know what to tell you, mom!). And we are going to keep working on front crosses to speed me up - mom has to keep finding ways to put them in. Luckily we can go to open practice the next two Wednesdays and get in some good use of the equipment at the club. Also we are planning to make a few more jumps so that we can set up more complex jumping sequences in the backyard.

It's pouring rain outside - our morning walk has been postponed - mom doesn't mind walking in light rain but heavy rain is another story. Guess we're lucky it's not freezing rain and/or snow?

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Latte said...

Wow, ricky... you sure are disciplined to go through all that training - from how you describe it, it sounds tough...

Diana said...

Always something to work on. In agility it seems like you take one step forward and then one step back. It will all work out. Diana

Sara said...

We all have our good classes, and not so good classes. At least you still get treats!!! Yummy.

Maybe having a couple weeks off from class, and practicing stuff will be just what you need Ricky. Have fun!

Johann The Dog said...

We sure understand set backs - remember Gracie, bwwwhhhahhahhaha!

One of the things Mum did with Gracie to come bolting off the start (although we should do it more) is Mum would put her in a sit stay, lead out to the second jump, say OK, and then throw Gracie's treat bag over the second jump for her to go on from Mum. Worked a couple of things - going faster off the start and working away from Mum. Gracie loved that game - because it always involved treats!!!!

Happy Holidays to you my friend. Hope we get to see more of you in 2009! Stay warm, it's nasty temps out there!

Woofs, Johann